̽ - Local Governing Bodies - ̽


̽ - Local Governing Bodies

The Local Governing Body of each of the Academies is responsible for fulfilling the strategic and operational governance role in the conduct of the Academy.

Below you will find a list of all ̽ Academies along with links to details on their Local Governing Body.

̽ Primary Academies  
  Chair: Ciara Coppinger (interim)
Chair: Vanessa Ray
  Chair: Roger Silk
Chair: Mike Jeffers
Chair: Mia Payne (interim)
  Chair: Daniel Momah
Chair: Chris Westall
Chair: Helen Scothern
Chair: Natalie Willbourn
Chair:  David Churchill
Chair: Stella Dillon
Chair:  Georgina Glover
Chair:  Jack Packman
Chair:  Julia Fuller
Chair:  Helen Seear
Chair: Joanne Alexander (interim)
Chair: Julian van Kan
Chair:  Susan Manzi
Chair: David Cygan
Chair:  Andrew Jenkins
Chair:  Simon Mitchell
Chair: Janine Wooster
Chair: Claire Summers
Chair: James Lillingston
Chair:  Andrew Jenkins
Chair: Jeremy Woodley (interim)
Chair:  Ann Woolfe (interim)
Chair:  Ryan Sallows
Chair:  Serena Baker
Chair:  Sharon Finegold
̽ Secondary Academies:  
Chair:  Sven Latham (interim)
Chair:  Andy Coles
Chair: Shiv Chowla
Chair: Joe Merrell
Chair: James Lillingston
Chair:  Bob Ainsworth
Chair:  Peter Travis
  Chair: Tony Thistleton
Chair: Helen Chalkley
Chair: Sian Brown
Chair:  Dick Brown
Chair:  Kathy Moon
Chair:  Simon Foster
Chair:  Charlie Chalaye
Chair:  Natalie Willbourn
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