̽ Teaching and Learning Development - ̽


̽ Teaching and Learning Development

“For effective teaching and learning, the thousands of professional decisions that must be made every day need to be informed by the best evidence, knowledge and professional wisdom.“

Extract from Teacher Development Trust’s introduction to DfE Standards for Teachers’ Professional Development, July 2016


̽ Beyond Best Practice

This course is designed to allow effective teachers to further develop the key aspects of the very best classroom practice for successful learning.

The areas of learning can be applied to all subjects and school pedagogical models.

Delegates will develop the skills and knowledge needed for effective research and carry out their own classroom-based research project.

This course will cover:

The Expert Teacher

  • The key elements of best practice
  • The impact of highly effective teaching
  • An introduction to conducting classroom-based research and setting effective research questions

Trust and Mutual Endeavour

  • The importance of learning relationships in the classroom
  • The concept of ‘learned helplessness’ and how this may impact on learning
  • Strategies for building resilience in teachers and learners to strengthen learning relationships

Mastering the Learning Process

  • Strategies to help students master the learning process including metacognition and self-regulation, including current evidence-based guidance on developing metacognition in learners

Teachers as Master Learners & Developing Learning Partnerships

  • How teachers and students respond to assessment
  • Moving learning forward
  • Activating students as instructional resources using feedback and assessment

Using evidence to inform practice

  • Using evidence-based research to inform practice
  • Evaluating current evidence and research in order to make decisions about pedagogy

Pushing the boundaries, exploring the opportunities

  • Developing ideas about classroom-based research to support teachers with their projects

What Lies Beyond

  • Sharing research findings of the group; conditions of successful strategies
  • Action-planning: the next steps for continued learning and development

This programme is ideal for:

Teachers who are best practitioners and who wish to explore new areas of research or support others in developing their teaching expertise

Duration and location:

This programme can be delivered over 1 full day and 6 x 2.5 hour sessions, or 8 x 2.5 hour sessions over 3 terms at your school or a regional location

“I’ve been buzzing since the first session! I thought I could only progress by going into leadership, but now I see I can stay in the classroom and have a big impact through research.”Previous Participant

Advanced Pedagogy Network Meetings

Our Advanced Pedagogy Network (PedNet) meetings focus on themes and ideas of how to develop highly effective pedagogy in our classrooms. 

"Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops" -Henry Brooks Adams


The meetings are built around the latest educational research and evidence and are a forum for sharing and reflecting effective practice. 


“I was inspired within minutes of this session starting”-Previous Participant

Improving Teaching and Learning through Principle Leadership

The two most important critical success factors for a school or college is the effectiveness of its teaching and how this is being led. Leaders and managers have powerful levers with which to improve their influence on staff motivation, commitment and wellbeing.

This 2-day programme is aimed at improving teaching and learning through Principle Leadership. It focuses on equipping leaders with practical tools within the following themes...


Middle leaders, Teaching and learning leaders and CPD leaders


Day 1:

  • Keeping the focus on Teaching and leadership
  • Professional Dialogue
  • Adult Learning environment and school culture
  • Responsive Professional Learning Communities
  • Involving Pupils in improving teaching and learning


Day 2:

  • Professional Development
  • Monitoring for improvement
  • Incremental Coaching
  • Difficult conversations
  • Informal and formal support

The day ends with a deliberate practice activity in which the participants are given an opportunity to role play demonstrating impact.

"A great opportunity to review and question the impact of current practice in school through research and sharing good practice."


Recently Qualified Teachers - RQT

Aimed at teachers within their first 5 years of teaching. ̽ LDN offers ongoing support to teachers moving beyond their induction, which presents new challenges such as less non-contact time, greater demands and subject leadership.

The RQT Programme aims to bring teachers together early on in their career, to enable them to develop their practice as well as provide a support network across the Trust.


Session 1: Time Management and Wellbeing

This session supports delegates to improve their work-life balance, reduce stress and use their time more efficiently

Session 2: Effective Communication

We reflect on the importance of good communication, the effect of non-intentional feedback and communicating effectively with a range of stakeholders.

Session 3: Teacher Resilience

This session explores signs of stress in ourselves and others, factors that decrease our resilience and strategies to improve it.

Session 4: Metacognition

In this session, delegates develop a greater understanding of metacognition and self-regulation in the classroom and learn ways to develop self-regulated learners.

Session 5: Innovative Teaching and Learning

We use the latest research to explore current evidence-based teaching strategies.

Session 6:  Subject Leadership

This session focuses on the role of a Subject Leader and gives strategies to raise and maintain standards within a subject.

This programme is ideal for:

Teachers who have completed their induction.


This programme can be delivered as 2 whole days or 6 x 2-hour sessions throughout the year

“Really enjoyed this, brilliantly delivered in a friendly atmosphere; I felt I could be honest without being judged” Previous Participant


“Gave me a reminder of things I can do to help myself when I’m feeling overwhelmed, and also how to make effective use of my time” Previous Participant

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